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Ice Williams Sets His Sights On The FSW Heavyweight Title

Ice Williams Sets Sights on FSW Heavyweight Championship



Ice Williams Wants The FSW Heavyweight Title and has served notice of his intention to challenge Hammerstone for the FSW Championship.

Since his shocking turn and alliance with one of FSW’s most notorious stables in LIGHTS CAMERA FACTION (LCF) at FSW DAY OF RECKONING 2021, ICE WILLIAMS – the (former) longest-reigning No Limits Champion in FSW history – has been reigning havoc throughout FSW alongside his LCF compadres, ACTION BRAXTON, FRESCO, and WATSON

Ice Williams Aligns With Lights Camera Faction at FSW Day of Reckoning 2021

The braggadocious Williams has proven himself as an exceptional wrestler capable of pushing his opponents to the limit.  He’s successfully utilized his gift-of-the-gab to taunt his opponents in the ring and goad them into giving him exactly what he wants – even from FSW Owner, Joe DeFalco.

FSW Ice Williams Demands No Limits Title Match Against Chris Bey at No Escape 2021



For over 670 days, it appeared as though nothing could stop or unseat the longest-reigning No Limits Champion – or ANY Champion for that matter – in Law Vegas Wrestling History.  Taking nothing away from Williams’ formidable in-ring abilities – together with his incomparable skills on the mic and/or in front of a camera – with the “numbers game” on his side in the form of his three compadres within one of FSW’s most notorious stables, LIGHTS CAMERA FACTION, it’s of little wonder to most how Williams was able to hold onto the strap for a historic 672 DAYS.

FSW Ice Williams Lights Camera Faction


Williams would ultimately lose the No Limits Title to former FSW Heavyweight Champion and current IMPACT WRESTLING superstar, CHRIS BEY, via a grueling war inside a steel cage at NO ESCAPE 2021.

Chris Bey Defeats Ice Williams for FSW No Limits Title at No Escape 2021



Williams is approaching his fourth year as Professional Wrestler and has already – and most assuredly – solidified himself as a force to contend with in FSW.  Since losing the title, Williams has been on a focused trajectory to reclaim championship gold.

However, Williams’ latest target is one that will undoubtedly prove to be the greatest of his career.   

FSW Heavyweight Champion Hammerstone 2022

Standing at 6’2” and weighing in at a mean/lean 251 pounds, HAMMERSTONE is a powerhouse physical presence who has, time and time again proven himself to be one of the most dominating forces in Professional Wrestling today.   

To date, Hammerstone is the only three-time FSW Heavyweight Champion in FSW History – as well as being a former multi-time FSW Tag Team Champion with his long-time friend (and sometimes rival), GRAVES, whom Hammerstone defeated to regain the FSW Heavyweight Title at FSW Day of Reckoning 2021.

Hammerstone Defeats Graves For FSW Heavyweight Title Day of Reckoning 2021

Hammerstone’s power-based style has seen him stand toe-to-toe with some of the most dangerous opponents competing today – including Brian Cage, Jacob Fatu, Sam Adonis, King Muertes, Funny Bone, and Kevin “Killer” Kross.  

Hammerstone vs Brian Cage FSW No Escape 2021



Make no mistake, Ice Williams is a skilled – albeit narcissistic – athlete who works hard to make every moment he’s in the ring or on camera a memorable one – even communicating with cameramen mid-match to ensure they capture a perfect shot of his moves. However, there’s nothing that looks better on a Wrestler than a Championship Title.  With a championship reign, aligning with a major group, and victories over the likes of Danny Limelight, Funny Bone, and Remy Marcel under his belt, this will be his biggest test yet.

Ice Williams FSW Survival of the Fittest 2021

As the defending champion, Hammerstone will be facing an opponent who won’t be able to overpower him – at least insofar as pure strength.  However, Hammerstone will have to consider  Williams’ speed and undeniable skill – as well as the anticipated numbers advantage Williams will most assuredly employ via his Lights Camera Faction alliance. 


Then again, Hammerstone is no stranger to the numbers advantage considering he has led his stable of characters known as “The Dynasty” – with MJF and Richard Holiday. 

This time, however, the tables are turned and the FSW Champion will not only have to worry about Ice Williams but the interference antics of Williams’ LCF squadmates.  If there’s one thing Lights Camera Faction has become very adept at, it’s isolating their prey and picking them apart – as they proved when they unleashed their sneak attack upon Hammerstone at the February 2022 HIGH OCTANE event – laying out the FSW Heavyweight Champion in the center of the ring in front of a stunned FSW audience.



A title-shot victory for Ice Williams would not only elevate his status and recognition throughout the Professional Wrestling industry but would certainly propel Williams’s career toward reaching heights previously unimagined in his career.   But despite Williams’ gift of gab, the road to winning the FSW Heavyweight Title will be much easier said than done – especially given the juggernaut from whom Williams will need to somehow defeat to do so.  Williams will have to use every tool in his arsenal – as well as some new ones – if he wants to take home gold.

Hammerstone 3x FSW Heavyweight Champion


In a battle between ice and thunder, it seems inevitable that we will soon see whose blood runs colder when “The Coldest Wrestler On The Planet” stands face-to-face with “Your Boy Hammer” – with the FSW Heavyweight Championship on the line. 

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