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FSW Day of Reckoning 2022
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Day of Reckoning

FSW Day of Reckoning 2022
Future Stars Of Wrestling Presents:

Day of Reckoning

FSW DAY OF RECKONING unfolded on Sunday March 27 2022 to a standing-room-only capacity FSW Arena crowd.  It was an event that saw it all – DQ finishes, post-match attacks, successful title defenses, and brand new champions crowned.  

Event Results By: Justin Lucciano


Damian Drake vs Ricky G

FSW Day of Reckoning Damian Drake vs Ricky G

In this opening contest, Damian Drake was outnumbered from the beginning, as his overly-cocky opponent, Ricky G, was accompanied by his equally obnoxious Los Suavecitos tag team partner, Danny Rose.  Despite Gomez mounting an aggressive offense for much of the match – together with Rose’s repeated interferences – Damian Drake managed to stun Ricky G just long enough for the pinfall win.



WINNER: Damian Drake via Pinfall

FSWW Women's Title Contender Positioning Match

Mylo vs Viva Van

FSW Day of Reckoning Mylo vs Viva Van

The next contest saw the return of West Coast indie wrestling sensation, Viva Van, taking on the dynamic “Mac Daddy” Mylo – with the winner positioning themselves as a top-contendor for the recently vacated FSW Women’s Championship. 

Mylo was very vocal during the match – antagonizing the live crowd who was firmly behind Van. Mylo put up a great fight, but the hellbent Viva Van was to much for her to handle. Van’s devestating move-set, combined with her unyeilding tenacity and the support of the capacity crowd, catapulted her to the win and one step closer to a near-future FSW Women’s Championship opportunity.



WINNER: Viva Van via Pinfall

Revenge Grudge Match

Bret The Threat vs “Grizzly” Kal Jak

FSW Day of Reckoning Bret The Threat vs Kal Jak

Next up was the much-anticipated grudge match between the 6ft 7, “Grizzly” Kal Jak, and the obnoxiously arrogant Brett The Threat.  After the beat down Brett The Threat levied upon Jak’s friend, Bodhi Young Prodigy, at the last High Octane event, Kal Jak was looking for revenge.

Kal Jak focused on using his size and power to overwhelm The Threat, while Brett focused on weakening the left leg of the giant Jak to try to get the win.   In the end, it would be Kal Jak’s approach that would prevail with a thunderous power slam upon Brett The Threat for the 3-count.

After the match – with Jak’s back turned – Brett The Threat attacked Jak with a steel chair … rendering the giant lifeless on the mat with a boisterous THREAT standing over him.  This war is far from over.



WINNER: “Grizzly” Kal Jak via Pinfall

Six-Man Tag-Team Match

Serza/Grizz Brody/Alvaric Reiner vs Nic Zander & DeathXProof

FSW Day of Reckoning 2022

Next would see a contest involving three “Arizona Invaders” to FSW in Serza, Grizz Broady, and the unconventional Alvaric Reiner issuing the challenge upon FSW’s 2021 Rookie of the Year, “The Heartbeat’ Nic Zander, and the forever formidable duo of Cody Hancock and Jacob Austin Young – otherwise known as DeathXProof. 

Throughout the match, Zander and DeathXProof took advantage of their tag-team experience with constant tags and even more consistent tag team maneuvers to overwhelm their potpourri opponents.  Serza, Broady, and Reiner tried to even the odds with dirty moves and cheap tricks,  but the teamwork of Zander and DeathXProof was abundantly apparent as they overhelmed their opponents for an impressive and decisive win.



WINNER: Nic Zander & DeathXProof via Pinfall

FSW Nevada State Chamionship Match

Remy Marcel(c) vs Gregory Sharpe

FSW Day of Reckoning Remy Marcel vs Gregory Sharpe

A rivalry spanning a full-year between two seasoned veterans and the most bitter of rivals in Gregory Sharpe and the FSW Nevada State Champion, Remy Marcel, this match would prove to be a brutal affair from the start – with the FSW Nevada State Championship on the line.

This match saw the acrobatically brutal and technical style of Marcel against the hard hitting and devestating style of Sharpe go from the ring to fighting in the bleachers amongst the jam=packed capacity crowd.  When the two warriors finally worked their way back to the ring, it appeared that Gregory Sharpe would finally taste FSW championship gold when Referee, Ben Hall, appeared to have deliveredthe 3-count/  However, Hall would notice Marcel’s foot was on the ropes – prompting Hall to advise a shocked Sharpe that the count was not official and the match was not yet over. 

Believing he had finally earned the championship respect he has been seeking for years, Sharpe did not accept Referee Hall’s call well.  Instead, Sharpe layed out Referee Hall and took to brutalizing Remy Marcel with the broken shards of his kendo stick – at which point the match was ruled a “no contest.”

It goes without saying that the bitter rivalry between Gregory Sharpe and Remy Marvel is far from over.



NO CONTEST – Remy Marcel remains FSW Nevada State Champion

Handicap Tag Team Match Tag Team Match

Hammerstone & Graves vs Lights Camera Faction

The FSW Heavyweight Champion Addresses LCF's Attack

FSW Day of Reckoning 2022

On the one year anniversary of the beginning of his historic third reign as FSW Heavyweight Champion, Hammerstone entered the FSW Arena to address the unscrupulous ambush atatck unleashed upon him by Lights Camera Faction (LCF) at the previous High Octane event.

Not surprisingly, LCF’s music hit the Arena and the dastadly foursome surrounded the ring, poiding themselves for another 4-on-1 attack. On this night, however, Hammerstone was prepared for the anticipated attack and announced that this time he had brought a friend with him.  Not just a friend, but a former FSWTag Team Championship partner, a former Nevada State Champion, and the former FSW Heavyweight Champion – Graves. 

With the ods greatly improved, Hammrstone levied the challenge to the frenzied LCF for a 3-on-2 handicap match against LCF’s Action Braxton, Fresco, and Watson – with Hammertone’s would-be future championship contender, Ice Williams, remaining at ringside.

The match was a fun one – with he former “Gods of War, Hammerstone and Graves, displaying a powerful offense throughout.  However, the devious Ice Williams relentlessly thew distraction after distraction to try to give his Faction-mates a leg up.

Graves eventually had enough and chased Williams to the back – leaving Hammerstone to contend with Braxton, Fresco, and Watson.  For a moment, it appeared as though the numbers game would, again, be too much for the FSW Heavyweight Champion to handle.  But justu when it looked as though LCF may squeak out a win over the Champ, Graves returned, cleared the trash and earned the pinfall over LCF’s Fresco for the win. 



WINNER: Hammerstone via Pinfall over LCF’s Fresco

FSW No Limits Title Contender Match

Brandon Gatson vs Eli Everfly vs Bohdi Young Prodigy vs Funny Bone

Winner Will Be #1 Contender for FSW No Limits Championship

FSW Day of Reckoning Brandon Gatson vs Eli Everfly vs Bodhi Young Brodigy vs Funny Bone

Next up was a fun yet hectic Fatal Four-Way match which saw four top competitors compete to become the number one contender for the FSW No Limits Championship.   The contenders being the first ever No Limiits Champion, Brandon Gatson, the unpredictable aerial acrobat, Eli Everfly, FSW’s 14-year-old fan-favorite sensation, Bodhi Young Prodigy, and the Las Vegas Living Legend, “The Demigod of Death” Funny Bone.

Not surprisingly, young Bodhi was targeted throughout the match – with his opponents underestimating him as an easy target. But they don’t call the young sensation “Young Prodigy” for nothing – as Bodhi was able to consistently fend off the brutal attacks of his opponents while delivering several of his own.   

The former inaugural No Limits Champion, Brandon Gatson, displayed his well-rounded offence throughout this match. while Eli Everfly unleashed his trademark acrobatic assaults.  But there was a still devastatingly dangerous demon in the match in the powerful Funny Bone – determined to mow through his opponents toward an opportunity at regaining the FSW No Limits Title.   It would be this unbridled determination that would render a vicious blow upon Bodhi Young Prodigy – leaving Bodhi in visible agony after landing awkwardly on his shoulder.  

While others may have alled it a day and quit to tend to their injury, the young prodigy proved to the awe-struck capacity crowd that he is a true warrior and – with a umber one contendership for the No Limits Title at stake – soldiered on with the match and delivering a textbook 450 frogsplash upon Brandon Gatson.   With a championship opportunity within his reach, it looked as though young Bohdi would defy the odds and earn thematch victory.  But it would be the unpredictable Eli Everfly who would emerge seemingly out of nowhere and deliver the final blow upon an exhausted Young Prodigy for the win and number one contendership for Jai Vidal’s No LImits Championship. 

After the match, as Bodhi was being assisted out of the FSW Arena, he was stopped by Funny Bone – who raised Bohdi’ (uninjured) arm high and praised the young standout as the future of Professional Wrestling.    After what had just been witnessed, NO ONE could possibly disagree.


WINNER: Eli Everfly via Pinfall

Eli Everfly is No 1 Contender for the FSW No Limits Championship

FSW Tag Team Championship Match

Toko Uso(c) vs TBD

FSW Day of Reckoning Toko Uso vs TBD

The MAIN EVENT of Day of Reckoning would be for the FSW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP – with Tag Champions, Toco Uso (Toa Liona and Juicy Finau) – accompanied by their devious Manager, MK – defending the titles they won at FSW NO ESCAPE in November 2021 against the hungry powerehouse duo of Shogun SOS and Hero LeuTBD.

Before the match officially began, TBD wasted no time in taking the fight straight to the Champions in a brawl that boiled over into the capacity crowd.  The four men eventually made their way back to the suared circle and, with the bell ring, the match officially started.

With Toko Uso having gained the upper hand in the out-of-ring melee’ – together with the sheer size and strength advantage of Liona and Finau – Shogun and Leu were clearly at a physical disadvantage at the start of the match.  However, with the capacity FSW Fans clearly and loudly in their corner, TBD fed off the supportive energy of the crowd and gave as good as they got in what was a hard-hitting back and forth battle for FSW Tag Team supremacy.

As the title match progressed, Toko Uso’s dastardly Manager, MK, would get involved and try to assist his client’s retain their Tag Team titles with a series of sneaky strikes and chokes while the Referee was distracted.  But MK’s devious plan would backfire as he sat on the apron holding one of the tag titles. Liona put a hand on MK’s shoulder and, with MK thinking it was Shogun, quickly turned and hit Liona in the face with the belt – which led to TBD taking advantage of MK’s mistake and pinning the stunned Liona to become the NEW FSW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS.

After allowing the new champs to savor in their victory – and in a showing of sportsmanship and respect – the former champs, Toko Uso,  shook the hands of the new champs – raising Shogun’s and Hero’s arms in victory in front of the jubilant FSW Fans.

MK was not at all happy with this show of sportsmanship on the part of his clients and shoved Toa Liona – which would turn out to be a HUGE mistake.  Toko Uso using their double team finisher on MK – laying out and motionless in the center of the ring – ending their relationship with their (now) former Manager and putting the final nail in the coffin of the MK Army. 





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FSW Day of Reckoning 2022

Day of Reckoning

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