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Future Stars of Wrestling FSW Futureshock
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Future Stars of Wrestling FSW Futureshock
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FSW FUTURESHOCK returned to the FSW Arena on March 5 2022 and saw FSW’s New Talent Initiative in full-effect with hungry/up-and-coming FSW Wrestlers and many first-time-at-FSW talents- along with FSW Superstars No Limit Champion JAI VIDAL, SKY HIGH,  and a special appearance by Vegas Wrestling Legend, FUNNY BONE.

Event Results By: Robert Cornal

Lights Camera Faction vs Marcus Anderson/Alvaric Reiner/Mr.Classic


The Futureshock pre-show match saw SIX-MAN TAG TEAM action as LIGHTS CAMERA FACTION (Action Braxton, Fresco and Ice Williams) took on MARCUS ANDERSON, ALVARIC REINER and MR.CLASSSIC. As usual, the boisterous Action Braxton took to the mic calling out FSW Heavyweight Champion, HAMMERSTONE and declaring Ice Williams’ intention to challenge for the FSW Heavyweight Championship.

Braxton and Anderson initiated the match, with LCF establishing control throughout.  LCF’s offense focused on isolating Anderson and Mr. Classic –  using their numbers to dismantle the duo in their corner. Classic would tag in Reiner, who came in hot with a stiff lariat and high knee among his offensive against LCF. Braxton raked Reiner’s eyes, causing a distraction and leaving an opening for his team. Ice Williams scored the winning pinfall, after a flurry of superkicks levied upon Anderson and Reiner – topping off the assault with a superkick in the back of Reiner’s head.

Lights Camera Action has established themselves as a well-oiled unit – demonstrating nothing short of cohesiveness and teamwork.   Will anyone be able to stop the Faction as the arrogant Ice Williams approaches his championship match with Hammerstone?  Only time will tell if the numbers advantage shall be what pushes LCF into championship glory.

WINNER: Lights Camera Faction via pinfall

Bret The Threat vs Kid Isaac

Futureshock’s opening bout saw the jubilant and gleeful KID ISAAC takign on the arrogant and cocky BREAT THE THREAT.  The match would open up with an attempted single leg takedown by Isaac – with Isaac being unable to get much give out of Bret’s tree trunk-sized leg. Isaac would try to use his smaller size and speed to outsmart his larger, stronger opponent.  However, Bret would stay in control for most of the match – using his strength-based arsenal of powerbombs and suplexes to keep his opponent grounded.

Whil Issac struggled to gain footing, Bret The Threat would continue to flex and showboat to the audience in attendance.  Bret would begin to launch an assault upon Isaac with repeated gutwrench suplexes – prompting the Referee to call off the match to preserve Isaac’s well being.

After the bell, Bret planted his foot on Isaac’s neck and called out the 6’6 / 280 lb KAL JAK.  When Bret the Threat and Kal Jak finally clash, will the Threat be able to slay the Grizzly?

WINNER: Bret The Threat via Referee calling for the bell.

Blair “Grizz” Broady/Devon Reno vs Sky High

SKY HIGH took on the team of BLAIR BROADY and DEVON RENO.  Broady opened the match with a collegiate-style waistlock on Sky High’s ROBBIE LIT, before establishing control with a dropkick to the back. Sky High used a sunset flip into a clothesline, demonstrating a cohesiveness only shared between brothers.

Using their speed and technique to overwhelm their opponents’ strength and power, Sky High scored the winning pinfall on Reno after a pair of crossbody splashes in succession from both Lit and MONDO ROX.

WINNER: Sky High via pinfall

Danny Limelight vs Jordan Cruz


JAI VIDAL, the current FSW NO LIMITS CHAMPION, came out and introduced himself to the crowd.  Unfortunately for the capacity Futureshock audience, Vidal wasn’t cleared to compete by FSW Management – citing concussion-related symptoms. DANNY LIMELIGHT entered the FSW Arena and made his presence known.  Limelight and Vidal exchanged words, with Vidal pointing out Limelight’s daughter in the crowd and accusing him of using her clout to further his career.  As Vidal would not be competing this night, he found a worthy replacement in JORDAN CRUZ.  

Jai would tak a ringside seat for the action – joining Joe DrFalco at the Commentary table to call the match.  The match would open with a series of mat exchanges and pinfall attempts, with Limelight turning the momentum in his favor by tripping Cruz into the middle turnbuckle.

Cruz, a rising star within the Professional Wrestling world, unleashed an impressive offense – including a release German suplex followed by a powerbomb backbreaker. Limelight would secure a submission victory by applying a rear naked choke after raking Cruz’s eyes.

After the match, Jai Vidal and Danny Limelight stared each other down as Limelight celebrated his victory.  Vidal will have to watch his back as the Radioactive Papi has his sights set on the FSW No Limits Championship.

WINNER: Danny Limelight via submission

Ricky Tenacious vs Koa

“THE SONGBIRD” RICKY TENACIOUS entered the FSW Arena serenating the crowd proclaiming his upcoming victory with a tune similar to the Backstreet Boys’ I Want it That Way. Koa wasn’t having any of Tenacious’ singing and used his aggression to keep the singer silenced. Tenacious stayed in the game however, peppering lyrical taunts during his offense before utilizing a small cradle to pull out the victory.

WINNER: Ricky Tenacious via pinfall

Oliver Kanady vs Sinn Bodhi


The Student took on the Teacher as Vegas local OLIVER KANADY made his Professional Wrestling debut taking on “The Warlord of Weird,” SINN BODHI – one of FSW’s most decorated Trainers. Among the crowd were Kanady’s friends and family who enthusiastically backed him from the opening bell.

The Warlord of Weird was in control, using his superior experience and larger build to his advantage. Bodhi showed no mercy to Kanady’s left leg, exploiting it throughout the contest.  However, in spite of the twenty year experience gap, Kanady never gave up and channeled the support of the FSW fanbase to keep fighting.

Even when his leg was weak, Kanady hit a flying clothesline prompting chants from the audience in support of him. However, Kanady would find himself in a modified cloverleaf which Bodhi turned into a successful pinfall.

The two shared a moment as Bodhi shook his student’s hand and raised his arm in solidarity. Kanady interacted with the fans before departing, even hugging his mother. Hopefully his next in ring test will yield better results.

WINNER: Sinn Bodhi via pinfall.

Daena Lynn vs Jenni Santana

Second generation rising star, JENNI SANTANA, made her FSW debut as she took on young star DAENA LYNN. Santana, the daughter of WWE Hall of Famer Tito Santana – although new to Future Stars of Wrestling – has found championship success in other promotions across the wrestling landscape.

The two kept the contest civil with an opening handshake before locking up.  Santana employed much of her martial arts repertoire for this contest, utilizing takedowns and arm bars to whittle down her smaller opponent. Her youth did not hold Lynn back however, who showed promise against an opponent who has wrestling in her blood.

The crowd had support for the rosy-cheeked rookie, who held her ground until Santana locked an armbar for a submission victory.

WINNER: Jenni Santana via submission

Davion Jacot vs Funny Bone


Next up was a match up few would disagree to be a lopsided contest – with the young Rookie, DAVION JACOT, staring across the ring from none other than Las Vegas Wrestling Legend, “The Demigod of Death” FUNNY BONE.

An underdog who started and stayed defiant from the get go, Davion let the 21 year wrestling veteran know he was not going to be intimidted.  Funny Bone did not take kindly to this and threw a stiff strike, nearly knocking the young Rookie out at the opening bell.

Funny Bone’s experience was made clear throughout the contest, utilizing an array of knee strikes and staying one step ahead. The two would exchange chops, with Funny Bone schooling Davion with chops that rang throughout the arena. Davion got some of his own offense in -including a neckbreaker on the second rope to outside. He would score a lucky low blow, unnoticed by the Referee, and launched Funny Bone for an impressive exploder suplex.  Howver, just as Davion was gaining some steam, Funny Bone would secure victory by rolling Jacot into a knee lift before going for the hangman’s stunner.

Funny Bone would show his young opponent respect by beckoning him back into the ring and raising his arm. In a twisted form of flattery, Funny Bone would spit water at his opponent and leave him the water bottle.  The message was received: Davion most assuredly gave Funny Bone a run for his money.

WINNER: Funny Bone via pinfall

Ricky Gomez vs Jon Wolfgang vs Nic Zander

The Main Event saw a three way dance between Arizona’s JON WOLFGANG, one-half of Los Suavecitos, RICKY GOMEZ, and “The Heartbeat,” NIC ZANDER.

From the start, the braggadocious Ricky G taunted his opponents in the opening moments – standing between the two only to get put down by both of them. Wolfgang and Zander then turned their ire to each other, with Ricky G using the commotion to turn the match in his favor. The three men left it all in the ring, utilizing a mixture of power, speed, and ring awareness. Wolfgang busted out some devastating feats of strength, including spinebusters and brainbusters throughout the contest. Zander used the ring to his advantage, throwing Ricky G into the turnbuckle with a death valley driver, leading into a Pele kick.  Ricky G took notes from former world champions, utilizing his Ese Adjustment onto Wolfgang and throwing him onto Zander.

The 2022 FSW Rokkie of the Year, Nic Zander, secured his victory launching into a codebreaker-senton combo before finishing Wolfgang with a swinging neckbreaker. The Heartbeat shall ring strong for another day.

WINNER: Nic Zander va pinfall

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