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Future Stars of Wrestling FSW Futureshock April 9 2022
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Future Stars of Wrestling FSW Futureshock April 9 2022
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After an eventful DAY OF RECKONING event, FSW returned to action with another installment of FUTURESHOCK on Saturday, April 9, 2022 at the FSW Arena. FSW No Limits Champion JAI VIDAL returned to action and announced the beginning of his FUTURESHOCK NO LIMITS OPEN CHALLENGE for his No Limits Title. 

Event Results By: Justin Lucciano

Pre-Show Match

Los Savecitos vs Final Destination

FSW Futureshock 04092022 Los Suavecitos vs Final Destination

The night kicked off with this tag team match with Phoenix’s FINAL DESTINATION – Charles Cassus and Bryce Saturn – making their FSW debut against FSW’s resident South Central menaces-to-society, LOS SUAVECITOS (Danny Rose and Ricky Gomez). 

The mammoth Cassus and his partner, Bryce Saturn, put up a great fight … but, as is usually the case, Los Suavecitos simply could not play fair.  At the match’s climax, Danny Rose left his corner to grab the foot of Bryce Saturn from outside the ring, while Ricky Gomez attacked Saturn who was trapped in the corner.  

Amazingly, Los Suavecitos picked up the win – moving the taunting duo further up the FSW Tag Team division ladder.


Match Photos By: Ryan West I Greg Mitchell

WINNER: Los Suavecitos via Pinfall

Jai Vidal Announces Futureshock No Limits Open Challenge

FSW Futureshock 04092022 Jai Vidal Announces Futureshock No Limits Open Challenge

The main-card event opened with a returning FSW No Limits Champion JAI VIDAL declaring himself a “fighting champion” and announcing that from this night on he would defend his FSW No Limits Championship at all FUTURESHOCK events going forward.

Some familiar entrance music began to play, with Vidal keeping his gaze on the main entrance and whom he assumed would be his first open-challenge opponent.  Suddenly, the maniacal LAZARUS attacked Vidal from behind with a series of brutal strikes and kicks – culminating with Lazarus striking Vidal square on his face with the No Limits Title belt. 

To no one’s surprise, it was then announced that, in fact, Jai Vidal’s first Futureshock No Limits Open Challenge match would be against Lazarus in the Main Event. 


Photos By: Ryan West I Greg Mitchell

Grizz Broady vs Mr. Classic

FSW Futureshock 04092022 Grizz Broady vs Mr Classic

The first official match of the night featured two Arizona athletes with GRIZZ BROADY taking on MR.CLASSIC. 

With the FSW Fans clearly in Grizz Brady’s corner, Broady used his impressive power to control much of the first half of the match.  However, Mr.Classic was soon able to deliver some impressive maneuvers of his own – changing the tide of the contest.   The bout soon became a back-and-forth battle between the two bruisers.   

Seemingly preferring to focus on antagonizing the crowd than winning the match, Mr. Classic would soon learn his lesson when his attempt to deliver an “unprettier” upon Broady was reversed – leading to a quick counterattack maneuver by Broady and earning Grizz Broady the victory.


Match Photos By: Ryan West I Greg Mitchell

WINNER: Grizz Broady via Pinfall

Ricky Tenacious vs Duke

FSW Futureshock 04092022 Ricky Tenacious vs Duke

Next up was another huge FSW debut … quite literally … in the giant of Las Vegas Wrestling, DUKE.  His FSW Debut opponent? …  None other than “The Songbird of Professional Wrestling,” the flamboyant RICKY TENACIOUS.

In what most would consider a lopsided contest, Tenacious fought well against his massive opponent.  Unfortunately, The Songbird seemed far more focused on singing throughout the match than on wrestling – while the gigantic Duke focused on delivering devastation upon his melodic opponent. 

Not surprisingly, the match concluded with a dominant chokeslam powerbomb pinfall win by the massive Duke.   Afterward, a dazed=and-confused Ricky Tenacious sang his own warped version of “I Will Survive” as an unrequested encore for the FSW Fans in attendance.  


Match Photos By: Ryan West I Greg Mitchell


WINNER: Duke via Pinfall

Steven Tresario vs Evan Daniels

FSW Futureshock 04092022 Steven Tresario vs Evan Daniels

As one of the most technically-gifted Wrestlers on the FSW Roster, “The Red Snapper, STEVEN TRESARIO, entered the FSW Arena holding a cardboard “snapper” fish and making it clear that he is embarking on a determined mission to “educate” the FSW Locker Room athletes  – like the “school of fish they are” – in the fine art of wrestling. 

On this night, Tresario’s first “student” would be Arizona Wrestling Star, EVAN DANIELS.  Despite warning orders not to do so, Daniels defied Tresario by “touching the fish” Tresario had propped up in his corner.  Class was then in session and the match officially began.

Despite a quick offensive flurry on the part of Evan Daniels, Tresario’s undeniable in-ring abilities and technical wrestling skills served him well in warding off Daniel’s efforts and halting his momentum. 

In the end, Tresario soundly defeated the young Arizona warrior via pinfall – leaving Daniels having learned a tough lesson.


Match Photos By: Ryan West I Greg Mitchell


WINNER: Steven Tresario via Pinfall

Viva Van vs Vero

FSW Futureshock 04092022 Viva Van vs Vero

Next up was an FSW Women’s Match featuring another FSW Futureshock debut in the stone-faced soldier, VERO.  Her opponent this night would be an Indie Wrestling sensation and top contender for the vacated FSW Women’s Championship – the Hellbent Vixen, VIVA VAN.

Knowing the high-level caliber of her opponent, Vero delivered a consistent and calculated assault upon Van throughout the match.  At several points, it appeared as though Viva Van was unable to figure out a solid strategy against her formidable and focused adversary.

However, despite an impressive flurry of offensive strikes and suplexes levied upon Van, Vero was ultimately taken down by the wily veteran – with Van earning the hard fought pinfall win.   

After the match, the victorious Van offered her hand to the defeated Vero as a showing of respect to an opponent who – although new to FSW – definitely gave Van a run for her money on this night.  It’s clear that Vero will be a formidable force to be reckoned with in FSW.  

Van’s impressive FSW winning streak continues – as does her path to an opportunity to fight for the vacant FSW Women’s Championship Title. 


Match Photos By: Ryan West I Greg Mitchell


WINNER: Viva Van via Pinfall

Future Stars of Wrestling FSW Futureshock April 9 2022


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