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Mecca VII

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Mecca VII


After a nearly two-year hiatus, Future Stars of Wrestling returned with one of it’s premier events, MECCA VII. The event also marked FSW’s 10-year hiatus return to The Silver Nugget Events Center in North las Vegas.  Highlighting the standing-room-only star-studded extravaganza,  KevinKiller” Kross made his triumphant return to FSW – accompanied by his fiance’, Scarlett Bordeaux – after a 2x-Championship run in NXT (and brief run on WWE RAW).

Event Results By: Future Stars of Wrestling

Pre-Show Match

Tomaste vs Nic Zander

FSW MECCA VII Nic Zander vs Tomaste

In the featured pre-show match, FSW 2021 Rookie of the Year, NIC ZANDER, surprised the spiritual warrior, TOMASTE, with an impressive win over the wiley veteran – marking both is first MECCA appearance and first (of what will assuredly be many) MECCA MOMENT victory.  In a pair of black jeans and matching black Air Jordan’s, “The Heartbeat,” Zander, once again proved that he is certainly one of the most dazzling and dangerously hungry future stars of professional wrestling.

WINNER: Nic Zander via Pinfall

Non-Title Match

Remy Marcel vs Willie Mack

Future Stars of Wrestling FSW MEcca VII Remy Marcel vs Willie Mack

In a featured match between two FSW LEGENDS . . . FSW original,“The 86er,” Remy Marcel, faced longtime FSW competitor – and current IMPACT Wrestling Superstar, Willie Mack, in a fast-paced mega-blow-trading shootout that, alone, gave the sold-out Mecca VII fans in attendance their money’s worth.  Despite mutliple flurries of devestating knees and kicks delivered by both athletes upon each other, a surprise roll-up pin collected the win for Marcel.

WINNER: Remy Marcel via Pinfall

Triple-Threat Tag Team Match

Sky High vs TBD vs DeathXProof

Winner Becomes #1 Contender for FSW Tag Team Titles

The next contest featured a TRIPLE THREAT Tag Team Turmoil Match between three of today’s TOP FSW TAG TEAMS.   After months of speculation, the formidable team of SHOGUN SOS and HERO LEU finally revealed their new Tag Team name as “TBD.”  Shogun/Leu wouold soon find themselves facing down the high-lying fan-favorites, SKY HIGH (brothers, MONDO ROX and ROBBIE LIT) and former FSW Tag Champs, DEATHXPROOF (CODY HANCOCK and JACOB AUSTIN YOUNG).

With no shortage of dazzling areal attacks – including a jaw-dropping over-the-top-rope leap from the 6’5″/245 lb Shogun SOS onto his oppenents outside the ring, TBD grabbed their first MECCA victory pinning SKY HIGH.   With this impressive win, TBD are continuing to make the FSW Tag Team Division take notice and position themselves for an eventual Tag Team Titles shot against current FSW Tag Team Champions, TOKO USO (JUICY FINAU and TOA LUNA).

WINNER:  via Pinfall over Sky High – and #1 Contenders for FSW Tag Team Titles – TBD

Fatal Four-Way Match

Jai Vidal vs Damian Drake vs KC Navarro vs Kenny King

FSW MECCA VII 2022 Jai Vidal No Limits Champion

Next up would be a non-title FATAL FOUR WAY match between three of pro-wrestling’s most dynamic up-and-comers and an FSW Hall of Famer.  With a necessary last-minute “card subject to change” substitution, it would be current FSW No Limits Champion, JAI VIDAL, against multi-tiem FSW Tag Team Champion and former No Limits Champion, DAMIAN DRAKE, rising star KC NAVARRO, and the first-ever FSW Heavyweight Champion (and wiley Veteran), KENNY KING.

As expected, this one was an exhibition of excellence – with each competitor realizing that a win in this non-title match could very well position him for a near-future No Limits Title shot.   With each competitor unleashing an arsenal of forearm, elbow and knee strikes leaving all four competitors stunned throughout the match, in the end it would be FSW’S No Limits Champion JAI VIDAL who would dliver the final face-plant slam onto his mentor, KENNY KING, for the hard-earned win.

WINNER: Jai Vidal via Pinfall

The Ultimate Finesser vs The Dynamic Daredevil

Chris Bey vs Matt Vandagriff

This highly anticipated match featured two of FSW’s most technically sound and dynamic althletes of all time.  It was the Dynamic Daredevil, MATT VANDAGRIFF facing former FSW Heavyweight/No Limits Champion – and current IMPACT Wrestling Superstar – The Ultimate Finesseer, CHRIS BEY.

Whether you love him or despise him, it cannot be denied that Matt Vandagriff is known for “Match of the Year” caliber performances every time he steps into the squared circle.  This night would most assuredly be no different – as his opponent, Chris Bey, is arguably one of the most gifted althletes to ever set foot in a FSW ring.

With no shortage of jaw-dropping standing dropkicks, spinning forearm strikes and top rope aerial assaults, trying to ascertain which combatant had the upper hand at any given time was difficult at best.  At one point, Vandagriff launched Bey out onto the concrete floor and, without a skip in his step, grabbed Bey’s legs and slammed his torso into the steel guard rail – not once, but TWICE.   For many atching in disbelief, it looked as though Vandagriff would prove himself the better man of the contest.  But as many have come to learn, NEVER count out The Ultimate Finesser.

At the match’s climax, Vandagriff climbed to the top rope to with the intent to finish off Bey with his match-ending 450 Frogsplash.  But Chris Bey is not a Bullet Club member for nothing  . . .  baiting Vandagriff and catching him with a mid-spash the cutter – snatching the victory with a finish for the ages  . . .  and yet another “Match of the Year” candidate.

WINNER: Chris Bey via Pinfall

FSW Mecca Grand Championship Title Match

Killer Kross vs Jacob Fatu

Future Stars of Wrestling FSW Mecca VII Killer Kross vs Jacob Fatu

It was then time for the MECCA VII co-Main Event – pitting the returning Tollman, KILLER KROSS, against the unpredictably dangerous Samoan Warrior, JACOB FATU.

Prior to the match, Kross announced that he did not come back to FSW to leave without a Title – and, thus, the match would be for the vacant FSW MECCA GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE.

Throughout the match, Fatu punished the ribs of Kross with heavy shots and headbutts – and continued to focus on Kross’ injured area. throughout.  Unfortunately for Fatu, he clearly didn’t study for the test – as the tougher the match became, the deeper Killer Kross dug to find and harness the power he needed.  With the SOLD OUT Silver Nugget Events Center Fans cheering him on, Kross would fight his way back and eventually deliver his trademark Doomsday Saito onto Fatu – which looked like it should have been this final blow to earn Kross the victory.

However, the former MLW Heavyweight Champion, Fatu, was nto finished.  Fatu somehow managed to recover from Kross’s Saito and mount a blindign comeback assault upon the former 2x NXT Champion.  Unfortunately, Fatu made a HUGE mistake in arrogantly deciding to involve the onlooking Scarlett Bordeaux into the contest.  With a calculated distraction by Kross, Bordeaux surprised Fatu with a low-blow kick followed by an unbelievable Canadian Destroyer – allowing Killer Killer to lock the stunned Fatu into the “Kross Jacket” submission for the win and GRAND MECCA CHAMPIONSHIP !!!


After the match, Killer Kross addressed the FSW Fandom – expressing his heartfelt grattitude for the reception he received, as well as his seeing so many familiar faces after his two-year journey following his last FSW match at 2019’s MECCA IV.


FSW Womens Champion vs The Demigod of Death

Sandra Moone vs Funny Bone

FSW MECCA VII 2022 Sandra Moone vs Funny Bone

Most would consider the decision of FSW Women’s Champion, SANDRA MOONE, to accept a match against arguably one of the most dangerous and demonic presences in FSW history, FUNNY BONE, to be severely ill advised.  After all, The Demigod of Death has literally ended Wrestler’s careers with his arsenal of attacks. But Sandra Moone is no ordinary althlete – and ever since she defeated her long-time FSWW nemesis, MAZZERATI, for the FSW Women’s Championship Title in August 2021, Moone has refused no challenge and/or walked away from no obtacle in her path.

While certainly considered the underdog of the contest, Moone soon convinced everyone in attendance that she is as tough as they come.  However, on this day her opponent was Funny Bone – and ‘Bone is not known for pulling his punches or holding back on/for anyone.  Although giving everything she had to try to disorientate and surprise Funny Bone with quick strikes and maneuvers, the Demigod of Death proved to be too powerful for the Womens Champion on this night.  After three consecutive knee strikes to her head, Moone had nothing left – and Funny Bone covered Moone for the win.

After the match, an impressed Funny Bone shook Moone’s hand as a showing of respect – afterwhich he exited the ring, allowing Moone to receive the well deserved adulation of the FSW Fans in attendance.

WINNER: Funny Bone via Pinfall

FSW Heavyweight Title Triple Threat Match

Hammerstone vs Brian Cage vs TJ Perkins

Future Stars of Wrestling FSW Mecca VII Hammerstone vs Brian Cage vs TJ Perkins

FSW Heavyweight Champion, HAMMERSTONE, was all set to battle The Swolverine Machine, BRIAN CAGE, and The Wolf, DAVEY RICHARDS, in a Triple Threat Match with the FSW Championship Title on the line.  However, due to severe weather conditions, Davey Richards was snowed in and was unable to make it to Mecca VII.   Once again, FSW Chairman, JOE DeFALCO, envoked the “card subject to change” option and a last-minute substitution was implemented  . . . and it would be none other than former TNA X-Division Champion/former WWE Cruiserweight Champion, TJ PERKINS.

Two behemoths versus a high-flying technical specialist – this match was a barn-burner from the opening bell.  From earth-shattering power slams levied by both Hammerstone and Cage to blind-siding aeral drop kicks unleashed by TJ Perkins, the Vegas odds makers had to be pulling out their hair trying to predict who would walk out of Mecca VII the FSW Heavyweight Champion.

At the apex of the match, Brian Cage executed a series of devestaginly powerful suplexes upon Hammerstone – leaving the on-the-edge-of-their-seats fans to wonder they were witnessing the end of Hammerstone’s near 350 day (3rd time) reign as FSW heavyweight Champion.   But Cage would underestimate the tennacity of the third man in the match, TJ Perkins – who would beak up the three-count effectively denying Cage his match victory.

Hammerstone would take advantage of the confusion and maneuver TJP into a bck breaking torture rack – leaving TJP no choice but to tap out and submit.

WINNER: and STILL FSW Heavyweight Champion – Hammerstone

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