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DeathXProof: A Legacy of Perseverance



It’s a relationship that has spanned over 10 years – storied with bitter rivalries, dominating factions, individual journeys, championship truiumphs, and bitter disappointments. 

But one thing has remained constant … “Cut Throat” Cody Hancock and Jacob Austin Young – collectively known throughout the professional wrestling world today as DEATHXPROOF – are not only seasoned veterans and shoe-in future FSW Hall of Fame’rs, but they continue to be top-level competitors and title contenders in FSW.

DeathXProof Cody Hancock Jacob Austin Young



Cody Hancock and Jacob Austin Young’s professional wrestling careers began very differently – though each path molding them into the top competitors they are today.



Cody Hancock’s love for professional wrestling began when Cody’s parents – knowing Cody was a big fan of RoboCop as a child – purchased the pay-per-view broadcast of WCW Capital Combat: Return of Robocop May of 1990. The show featured a promotional crossover with the imminent release of RoboCop 2, with RoboCop rescuing Sting from an attack by the Four Horsemen during the PPV. But despite the original purpose of purchasing the PPV, it wasn’t RoboCop that sparked a young Cody’s interest, but the spectacle of watching his first Professional Wrestling show.  

As a young teenager, Cody’s developing ambitions were further ignited by the infamous “Monday Night Wars” between WWF and WCW – flipping back and forth between TNT and USA networks to watch and absorb as much professional wrestling action and excitement he could. But it would be the advent of ECW and the “non-cookie cutter” Wrestlers such as Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, and Mick Foley that would truly inspire young Cody Hancock to believe in himself and what he could accomplish that pushed him toward taking the first steps to become a Professional Wrestler.

Just prior to his turning 18, Cody began his professional wrestling journey under the tutelage of non-other than Las Vegas Wrestling Legend, Funny Bone. Unfortunately, as often occurs, life threw a roadblock in Cody’s path in the form of a major lung surgery when he was 18 in which the third lobe of his right lung was removed due to the presence of a foreign object that Cody accidentally inhaled when he was 7.

Upon recovering from this ordeal, Cody was determined to pick right up where he left off and continue his professional wrestling training. Unfortunately, at that time, there weren’t any Professional Wrestling training schools or facilities in Las Vegas. Cody began to save his money with the plan of moving to Philadelphia to train at the Chikara Wrestle Factory.

Fortunately, Cody would meet Kent Wilson – a graduate of Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW) Training Academy – who recently moved to Vegas and was opening a local Pro Wrestling Training School. Cody was the first student to sign up.

Working two jobs to make ends meat and afford his training – affording him little more than three hours of sleep a night – Cody vigilantly attended training classes 4-5 days a week. This would be the foundational roots upon which Cody Hancock’s professional wrestling career would grow.

As is unfortunately the case with many small businesses, Kent’s school was eventually unable to keep it’s doors open.  Fortunately for Cody, a new promotion emerged in Las Vegas – and thus began Cody Hancock’s involvement with Future Stars of Wrestling. 



Cody would debut at FSW as “Crash Test Cody” – a character given to him by Future Stars of Wrestling owner, Joe DeFalco – which was more or less “a representation of Cody’s skill level at the time.” At the beginning, the athleticism of Professional Wrestling did not come easy for Cody – and there were some who encouraged Cody to get out of the business. With no intention of listening to the naysayers, Cody continued on and continued to develop and improve his skills.  After several initial years of ups and downs, Cody’s skill level ultimately grew to the point where he would outgrow the “limited potential” of “Crash Test Cody” and would reach the next evolutionary level which would EARN him the name “Cut Throat Cody



During his initial years – in addition to training and wrestling in Las Vegas – Cody would travel to neighboring States’s promotions to expand his bookings reach and create a name for himself.  One such promotion was Elite Xtreme Wresting in Mesa, Arizona – which has spawned such Pro Wrestling talents as Dom Vitalli, Bryce Harrison, and Willie Mack. 

On one event evening in 2011, while Cody was working Ring Crew, he was approached by an enthusiastic young fan who asked Cody about training to become a Professional Wrestler.  Cody told the eager young hopeful about the still relatively new Future Stars of Wrestling Training School in Las Vegas.   A few months later, that eager young hopeful – Jacob Austin Criger – would relocate to Las Vegas and take up training alongside Cody Hancock at Future Stars of Wrestling. 




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