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Juniors Division Training

Does your child love Professional Wrestling? Do they talk about it, watch it, and obsess over it all day and night?  Do they make your house their wrestling ring? Well now they can use ours!

Leon Hatre – Head Trainer: FSW Training Academy Juniors Division

Years Training Future Stars of Wrestling
Cumulative Years of Our Elite Trainer Experience
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Juniors Division


AGES 5-17


Beginner To Advanced

Class Size:

5-25 Students

The FSW Training Academy Juniors Division Training Class provides a unique Pro Wrestling experience for chidren ages 5-17.  Many boys and girls watch Pro Wrestling because the bright and colourful personalities of their favourite wrestlers inspire them. Rather than simply pretending to be John Cena or Becky Lynch, our wrestling school offers youths the chance to feel more like their heroes in a healthy and supportive environment.

Our Juniors Division Training is a great program to make friends while achieving physical fitness, building confidence, establishing leadership qualities, and learning the value of teamwork. Many of our students train year round and have grown by leaps and bounds as performers in the ring and as young people outside of the ring.

Safety is of the utmost importance at the FSW Training Academy, especially the safety of our Junior Future Stars.

Classes Designed Specifically For Kids

Student’s will receive an overview of basic holds and moves - while guaranteeing that they have a ton of fun in the process.

"Safety First" Training Environment

Student’s will receive an overview of basic holds and moves - while guaranteeing that they have a ton of fun in the process.

Benefits That Extend Well Beyond The Ring

Our program cultivates a healthy social environment – with a Staff that respects parents’ guidance and involvement.


Kids Class Description

While our General/Pro-Level Wrestling program includes all aspects of learning how to become a Professional Wrestler, our Juniors Division Training focuses on less physically intense training. This includes teaching the basics, which focuses more on wrestling holds and ring movement, avoiding the more rigorous impact you might see adult wrestlers experience.

Training begins by focusing on navigating the ring properly and safely, holds, takedowns, and basic chain grappling. Students will also learn the pacing and general flow of a match, from the first lock up to the final three count. Knowing when to use a move is just as important as what move to use, and our beginner classes focus on developing both the mind and body of a wrestler.

We also believe in the importance of encouraging students to improve their personal fitness, improve their confidence as individuals, and understand the importance of self-defence. A sense of community is fostered between our students through a variety of team-building and trust exercises. The aim is to help students develop positive social skills by promoting a friendly group atmosphere.

After having gained enough experience and skills deveopment in training, students can have an opportunity to perform at live events – such as at FSW’s special JUNIORS DIVISION shows and our “FUTURESHOCK” shows alongside some of our pro-level trainees.


Kids Class Training Requirements


Questions For Parents

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  • How to Stretch and Warm Up Properly.
  • In-Ring Footwork / How to Run The Ropes.
  • Age Appropriate Wrestling Techniques
  • Anti-Bullying Education
  • Self Esteem Building
  • Basic-to-Intermediate Pro Wrestling Holds & Moves.
  • How to Fall / Bump / Roll.
  • How to “Sell” During a Match.
  • Building Stamina / Cardio / Self-Esteem.
  • How to Be Loud and Larger Than Life Inside the Ring.
  • Character Development / Promos.
  • Body Boundaries & All Around Respect
  • How to Tell the Story of Who the Heel is and Who is the Babyface. 
  • Chain Wrestling
  • False Finishes / Finishing Moves
  • How To Perform A Full Wrestling Match
  • Learning the Importance of Teamwork and Anti-Bullying Through Wrestling Matches

The FSW Training Academy Kids Class is designed to teach fundamentals from day-one – no matter when a student starts.

No prior experience is required.

Absolutely Not.   Like our Adult/General Training Programs, your child can learn to be a MANAGER, VALET, REFEREE, RING ANNOUCNER, and/or a COMMENTATOR.

As part of learning to be a Pro Wrestling MANAGER, VALET or REFEREE, however, some in-ring training is required – as there are times when these characters “take a bump” (or two) from Wrestlers as part of a match storyline.

It is important to have training gear in order for students to protect themselves and fully excel in Pro Wrestling training. In addition, it is important that students keep their gear clean and dry for every class.

    Athletic or Wrestling Shoes that will never be worn outside.
    You have to protect your knees in a sport where anything can happen.
    Elbows will get mat burn, so elbow pads or elbow tape is recommended.
    Sweat is inevitable. A clean gym towel for each class is recommended.
    Once again, sweat is inevitable. having a spare comfy shirt is recommended.
    There is no water provided at training so students are responsible to bringing their own.

Every student progresses at his/her own pace, but our goal is to give each student a firm understanding of the basics and show them how to build on that strong foundation.

The truth of the matter is that we never stop learning. The day we think you know everything is the day we should should take those boots off and hang ’em up.

Upon learning the fundementals and demonstraing an acceptable grasp of how to safely execute maneuvers within the ring, students earn an opportunity to perform “mini matches” in front of family and friends.  The “Mini Matches” are generally held within the last hour of training on Saturdays.

Students who stay in the training program and continue to learn advanced techniques and develop their characters can earn the advanced opportunity to perform at special FSW JUNIORS DIVISION SHOWS as well as FSW’s FUTURESHOCK shows alongside adult and advanced students and experienced Professional Wrestlers.


For more information about FSW Training Academy Kids Class Training – including Class Tuition – please complete our KIDS CLASS REGISTRATION FORM or contact us at (702) 742-8770.
FSW Roster Leon Hatre

Leon Hatre

FSW Juniors Division Head Trainer

For the last 10 years, FSW ORIGINAL and FSW HALL OF FAMER, Leon Hater, has been at the helm training FUTURE Future Stars of Wrestling.

Leon has helped produce live FSW JUNIORS DIVISION live events and has helped our younger students advance to the next level.


Las Vegas, NV


20 Yrs Pro Wrestling


  • FSW Hall Of Fame
  • Multi-Time Tag Team Champion
  • BVW Heavyweight Champion


Saturdays: 12-3PM


6035 Harrison Dr.
Suite 5, Las Vegas


(702) 742-8770
[email protected]

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